Sunday, 7 April 2013

Love Film vs Netflix

Just recently my girlfriend started the 30 day Netflix trial. I obviously was quite intrigued by this and had to find out what the fuss was all about.
To my own amazement I was surprised at the content on it. Netflix has a fantastic selection of films and TV shows. After some reading up on Netflix I soon also started to notice that on Netflix it doesn't have the biggest or best choice in the latest films, but what it did make up on was it's selection of TV shows. There are some huge TV shows on there including Breaking Bad, Lost, Prison Break and 24. Plenty of entertainment for someone like me. This gave me an idea and i looked into Love Film. These also do a 30 day trial with a few more different packages on offer to subscribe to after that compared to Netflix. In the past week I started that trial with Love Film. Once I started browsing their selection you start to see similarities between the two. The difference with Love Film however is they have a better selection of the latest films on offer and more choice of films in general. Now you might ask why did I choose to go with Love Film instead of Netflix, well for me it's simple, the option of being able to choose a DVD/Blu Ray rental service of all the latest releases as well as their online streaming service. With the streaming service on both companies neither have the latest films on offer (which isn't a particularly bad thing) my own preference is that I would like all the latest and greatest on offer to give me more of a choice. To finish this off I have to say that if you are looking at starting to subscribe to one of these services all I can say is it's down to preference. My best advice would be to trial both of them, see which one you like more, you might find some things on Netflix that isn't on Love Film and visa versa. Both of these are great value for money if you love to watch films and TV shows. Thanks for reading and any comments good or bad are appreciated.


  1. I've used Lovefilm before, mainly for PS3 games and blu rays. It's certainly worth the monthly fee, the only slight problem that I had was receiving the latest games and films - sometimes there was a delay getting them, I guess because everyone wanted them. I will give Netflix a try too now.

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